BVRA – Supporting Veterinary Receptionists

BVRA is a membership association committed to supporting the role of veterinary receptionists. We aim to do this through training, education and development to improve the standards of welfare and communication within practice for both clients and colleagues.

What does the BVRA do?

The definition of a veterinary receptionist:

There are many titles encompassing the role of the veterinary receptionist however, the overarching or umbrella term to describe a veterinary receptionist is generally “veterinary receptionist” itself. This term encompasses the specific role and responsibilities of an individual working in veterinary practice in a front of house role, providing administrative and customer care support.

While there may be alternative terms used in different contexts or organisations, “veterinary receptionist” is widely recognised and understood within the veterinary industry. It accurately conveys the primary function of the role, which is to greet clients, manage appointments, and handle administrative tasks related to the reception area of a veterinary practice.

Benefits of being a BVRA member

Join the BVRA and invest in your teams personal and professional development as a veterinary receptionist. Enjoy exclusive access to our community, preferred rates for CPD events, and a multitude of discounts and benefits. With free courses, discounted tickets to the Annual Congress, and a range of personal development courses, you’ll have everything your team needs to grow and succeed. You can also help your team feeling valued and gaining a wider sense of how their contribution matters to the practice as a business, the satisfaction of their co-workers and the welfare of animals.

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What our members say

Great course covering a wide range of reception-related topics. More suited to someone new to the role but still some interesting and useful points for an experienced receptionist.


I found this course (BVRA Foundation course) extremely valuable and the content 100 helpful. As a fairly newish member of Client care team i found all i needed here. I would recommend this course to anyone!