5 things relating to mental health that everyone in veterinary practice should know

Whilst veterinary practice is often a thrilling and enjoyable environment to work in, it is also an emotionally unsettling environment. This is because delivering veterinary service and care incorporates many of the themes that lead to unsettled emotional weather, a state otherwise known as dysphoria. Like unsettled weather patterns, feelings of dysphoria are inevitable – and indeed beneficial – at least to some degree. Similarly, they can pass quickly or hang around for longer than is comfortable and even become as established as an adverse climate of compromised mental health.

This webinar is kindly sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim and took place live in May 2021 in support of Mental Health Awareness Week (10-16th May). 

The webinar will adopt a problem-based approach to analysing wellbeing within veterinary practice by using CSI (Culture-Systems-Individuals) as a practical means of analysing and identifying the cultural, operational, and individual themes that are counter-productive to protecting our mental health.

The webinar will focus on addressing 3 main challenges:

  1. How do we create and maintain an emotional climate that reflects the reality of the emotionally unsettling nature of veterinary practice (e.g. time pressure and clinical urgency; client and colleague moods, attitudes and demands; limited resources; compassion fatigue)?
  2. Which of our operational systems actually undermine our good intentions to protect and improve mental health? (e.g. 10-minute appointments)
  3. How do we help individuals whose tolerance of emotionally unsettling nature of veterinary practice is narrower than others?

This webinar will look at how we tackle some of these issues by looking at “5 things relating to mental health that everyone in veterinary practice should know”.

Please attend this webinar if you are interested in a talk from someone with a degree in psychology and who’s practices, advice and models are grounded in evidence-based studies within psychological literature.

Please do not attend this webinar if you are hoping for a mishmash of pop-psychology, motivational platitudes and buzz speak to help you ‘psych’ your way through the emotionally unsettling nature of veterinary practice.  Relying on the ever-expanding social media fuelled fluff, which masquerades as evidence-based mental health advice and support, is as dangerous as listening to those who believe they are qualified to ‘coach’ wellbeing because they think it is ‘only common sense’ or because they ‘read a book on it’. 

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