Dealing with Challenging Situations at Reception

This course will help you develop your emotional literacy and intelligence by understanding, recognising and managing the psychology of the core emotions of fear, anger, disgust and sadness. You will learn how these manifest in veterinary practice as well as what we can do to handle them.

This course was originally delivered as a live online event in October 2020 and is kindly sponsored by Royal Canin.

Please be aware that there is more content, theory, and application on this topic available in the Silver and Gold levels of the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist award. 

Whilst veterinary practice is usually a lovely environment to work in, it can be difficult at times! A difficult situation is a situation whereby things are not progressing as expected or desired. When their behaviour is not as expected or desired, we can perceive their behaviour as ‘difficult’. Often, we can be quick to label the person who has created the situation as a 'difficult person'. This may or may not be a fair description of their personality. A ‘difficult-person’ means to be difficult, whereas it is possible to be the cause of a difficult situation without meaning to cause others difficulty. Either way, we need to be able to cope with the difficult situations that veterinary receptionists have to deal with.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to adapt to challenges involving people’s emotions.  Developing Emotional Intelligence is crucial to handling difficult situations involving people.


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