Human Resources for Veterinary Practice

This course is relevant to those involved in Human Resources for their practice. It consists of three webinars worth 2 hours of CPD. 

This short course consists of 3 webinars. 

The first webinar looks at recruitment in terms of how to compare applicants against the skills they either already possess or need to acquire; what information a good job description contains; how to screen clients, interview them and decide whether they really meet your requirements. 

The second webinar explains how many of the day-to-day management processes that all practices should do enables a 'soft' approach to learning and development.

The third webinar explains what to do when a colleague's behaviour is not as expected or desired and how to have a difficult conversation but in a constructive manner. It also explores how to decide if, when, and how to escalate your approach to a more formal disciplinary process.

Please be aware that this module also features as part of our Veterinary Practice Management course.

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