Silver Level Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award (Companion Animal)

The Silver level of the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist (AVR) award is delivered online.  It can only be completed once the Bronze level of the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist has been completed. 

Whereas the Bronze level explores the scope of customer service areas that every practice should consider and master, the Silver level helps receptionists and practice managers define their actual policies and protocols with respect to each area covered. 

The Silver level is delivered as 100 online worksheets which take approximately 20 hours to complete. 

Participants will assign a ‘Coach’ within their practice who will verify their worksheets as they complete each section.

Once the participant has completed all the worksheets and the Coach has verified that they are satisfied with their work, the participant will be awarded the Silver Level of the Accredited Veterinary Receptionist award and can progress to the gold level, which when completed will allow the receptionist to be called an Accredited Veterinary Receptionist. 

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