Take control of your practices' carbon footprint – the vital role of Veterinary Receptionists in Sustainability

Do you know the carbon footprint of your practice? It may be more than you think… so how do we control and reduce that, and what role does reception have to play in practice sustainability? Spoiler alert – a big one! 

Join Brian and Chantelle as they discuss carbon emissions within practice, how we can take control of them and the vital steps Veterinary Receptionists can take to lead the change within the team.

The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges that we face, and we know that carbon emissions are the primary cause. Everyone has a part to play in reducing these, we all need to pull together and try to make a real difference as individuals, businesses, and communities.

As a veterinary team you have a unique position where you can not only action sustainability within your practice, but you can also advocate it to your pet owners. We know that our clients want to support practices that take responsibility for their environmental impact and are investing in reducing their carbon footprint, but this isn’t a job for one person… It’s a whole team effort where lots of small actions will result in a big impact.

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