The psychology of 'Having a quiet word' with misbehaving colleagues

This course is relevant to anyone who finds the ‘people-management’ part of veterinary practice uncomfortable.
Many managers tolerate unexpected or undesired colleague behaviour for too long and allow molehills to turn into mountains which could have been resolved by ‘Having a quiet word’ earlier. At the same time we don’t want to jump down people’s throat’s for every misdemeanour; the challenge is to deal with issues proportionally – and informally.
The webinars will look at how we can prevent frustrating behaviour using many of the day-to-day management processes that represent a 'soft' approach to learning and development. We will also cover why various personality types are better at having – and receiving - a quiet word if needed. We will look at how to have a difficult conversation but in a constructive manner and how to decide if, when and how to escalate your approach to a more formal disciplinary process.

This course was originally delivered as a live online event in June 2021.

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