The Vet Whisperer

The Vet Whisperer programme is currently available free of charge. 

The programme focuses on defining, understanding and developing self-confidence.  Developing self-confidence begins by defining, understanding and dealing with self-doubt. The programme sets out 6 drivers of Self-Doubt (doubt, deadlines, difficulty, disappointment, disagreement and disapproval), all of which are inherent to working in veterinary practice.

Each webinar is illustrated using examples and contexts specific to veterinary practice.   This course covers wobbles of self-doubt relating to dog spays  as well as recognising the impact of uncertainty when diagnosing the causes of medical symptoms.

I get more email requests (and appreciation) from this programme than any other. The theory I explain is often described as “life-changing”. It’s not my theory - I’ve just adapted it to veterinary practice

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