BVRA Ambassadors – a voice for the profession.

What do BVRA Ambassadors do?

  • Act as a voice/focal group to focus on the interests of veterinary receptionists.
  • Promote the status of veterinary receptionists within the profession and in the public​ under the guidance of BVRA.
  • Promote the value of setting the standards for veterinary receptionists through training and accredited qualifications.
  • Promote career progression opportunities.

Laura Cutforth RVR

Gower Vets

My career in veterinary began as a receptionist in 2015 where I soon became a supervisor overseeing the running of four branches. Now, proudly a Registered Veterinary Receptionist, I have joined Gower Vets in South Wales where my 20 year client care industry experience is being put to good use. I have a particular interest in triage and pet bereavement and am passionate about getting these areas of the role right.
Outside of work, I enjoy drawing portraits of clients pets, rambling around the Gower coast, and listening to true crime podcasts.
Interesting fact: I have a chequered history with animals which makes my career choice somewhat surprising. The list of animals I have so far been bitten by includes horse, cat, dog, penguin, goat, goose, rat, and a skunk!

Find out more about Laura and her role as a BVRA Ambassador here.

Danielle Bowers RVR

Drove Veterinary Hospital

I have always been an animal lover and thrived in customer service so being able to combine the two being a Veterinary Receptionist has been extremely rewarding. I have worked at Drove Vets for 4 years, starting as a ‘float’ receptionist where I worked at all the different practices around Drove which really helped me learn my role and grow the confidence that’s needed to succeed. Since starting I have completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold BVRA courses which have allowed me to gain RVR status, that I am so very proud of. My passion for this job role grows everyday and I am keen to see what the future brings for Veterinary Receptionists who are the backbone of every practice. It is my goal for us to be recognised and respected as much as our clinical colleagues. I spend most of my free time either with my rescue cat Mimi or spending time with my family and friends.

Find out more about Danielle and her role as a BVRA Ambassador here.

Kayleigh Page RVR

Drove Veterinary Hospital

I have been working at Drove Vets in Swindon for just under 6 years now, I began as a receptionist, and progressed into a lead receptionist role around 3 years ago. I work at one of the branch surgeries and love the day to day challenges that are thrown our way. I am keen to gain a wider recognition and understanding of the role a veterinary receptionist plays within practice. I’m very proud to be an RVR and I am so excited to be a BVRA ambassador!
When I’m not busy working away, I love to spend time at home with my two cats Chip & Coco.

Find out more about Kayleigh and her role as a BVRA Ambassador here.

Jaime Morgan RVR

Vets4Pets Plymouth

I’ve always worked with animals, from zoos to rescue centres, but it wasn’t until I started working in the veterinary industry, in 2018, that I truly found myself fitting in. With the help of the BVRA I have since worked my way through training to become our practice’s head receptionist in 2019.
I live in the south west with my partner, our dog, hamster and many rescue rats! When I’m not at work, I’m either out in nature, going to the gym or playing video games. It’s no secret that I am the practice’s resident health / eco warrior, trying to make the practice more sustainable, one compostable prescription bag at a time!