The BVRA Council

A voice for the profession.

What do the BVRA Council do?

  • Act as a voice/focal group to focus on the interests of veterinary receptionists.
  • Promote the status of veterinary receptionists within the profession and in the public​ under the guidance of BVRA.
  • Promote the value of setting the standards for veterinary receptionists through training and accredited qualifications.
  • Promote career progression opportunities.

Find out more about the BVRA Council below.

Board of Directors

Kay Watson-Bray - CEO
Brian Faulkner - Chairman

BVRA Council

Sophie Lo Curto - BVRA Secretary
Jaime Kiem RVR - BVRA President
I started working with animals when I was 17, where I volunteered at a Zoological Park for two years. I then took two years out and travelled Australia, before returning home to England in 2016. Once home I worked for a cats and dogs rescue centre, before moving on to my first job in the veterinary Industry as a veterinary receptionist. This was a whole new world for me, I knew I wanted to work with animals but no one had warned me of the extent my role would actually take. I learnt very quickly that answering the phone and booking appointments was only a very small part of my role, which extended into kennel hand, care assistant, animal handling and practice tea maker! I became aware of the BVRA and crammed as many courses as I possibly could to improve my efficiency within my role, completing my BVRA levels and becoming the practice’s first Registered Veterinary Receptionist (RVR). Having completed my RVR I was promoted into the role of Head Receptionist in July 2020. In March 2021 I was invited to become a BVRA ambassador, which lead to me joining the BVRA team as Operations Manager in February 2022. Since then we evolved our ambassadors and created the first BVRA Council, of which I was voted in as the first BVRA President! Though this is a new role to both myself and the association, I am very excited to see where this leads and how I can help raise the status for veterinary receptionists within the industry across the country.
Kayleigh Walker RVR - BVRA Vice President
I started working at Drove Vets in Swindon in 2015 as a Veterinary Receptionist covering 7 different branch surgeries, as well as our main hospital site, this is where my passion for the industry began. I progressed in my role and became a lead receptionist in 2018. I thrive off being able to support our team and love that I get to work alongside an incredibly talented group of people. No two days are the same as a veterinary receptionist and I enjoy the challenges that are thrown our way. I completed my Accredited Veterinary Receptionist Award course and became an RVR in April 2020. I’m passionate about creating a voice for Veterinary Receptionists and look to gain a wider understanding of the work that we do within practice amongst colleagues and members of the public. I aim to do this through my role as BVRA council Vice President. I am married, and have two cats called Chip & Coco, who like to keep me on my toes!
Danielle Bowers RVR - BVRA Council Member
I joined veterinary practice at the start of July 2017 working as a 'float' receptionist working in all 5 branches and our main hospital at Drove Vets in Swindon. After a year I found my feet at one of our branches and never looked back. Working as a part of a small team can be challenging but great as no two days are the same. My passion for coaching and supporting our team has led me to land the role as staff trainer within our client care team, alongside my busy role as a veterinary receptionist. It's rewarding being able spend time with my colleagues and see them grow within their role. I completed my Bronze, Silver and Gold BVRA awards and became a registered veterinary receptionist in September 2020 which is a title I am very proud of. I am currently completing a level 3 NVQ in customer service which I'm due to finish by Autumn 2022. BVRA asked me to join them as an ambassador early 2021 and I've been lucky enough to now be on the council where my passion to raise the status of veterinary receptionists is shared by all. The BVRA play a critical part of supporting us in the profession and my main goal on the council is to scream, shout and raise awareness about the importance of our role and how it should be established as a career option. I like to spend time with my pets when I'm not working as well as my friends and family. I have a particular passion for dancing and although I no longer attend any dance schools, I am the best at performing alone in the shower.
Jo Civil RVR, RAMA - BVRA Council Member
I began working for 387 Vets in 2012 as the only part time receptionist. I am now a full-time lead receptionist and part of a team of 4. I am responsible for training our team and overseeing the day to day running of the reception. In 2017, I was voted Petplan Support Staff of the year, which was a huge accolade for me. I completed the BVRA Accredited Veterinary Receptionist award and gained RVR status in 2021 and am also a qualified RAMA. I have recently written an article for Veterinary Practice magazine highlighting how important receptionists are to the practice. I have also completed a webinar with Pam Mosedale, of RCVS Knowledge, talking about how receptionists can get involved with clinical auditing and quality improvement. This was born from inspiration at the BVRA congress, and I am now Quality Improvement Officer for the practice. I am married with two sons and have a black lab named Beth, 8 rescue rabbits and 4 rescue guinea pigs. I am the practice “go to” when we have small furries needing a new home!
Louise Hudson RVR - BVRA Council Member
I started working at Glaven Veterinary Practice in Norfolk in 2007 and I still like my job there after 15 years. I began as a member of the cleaning crew, but after a few months, a position on the front desk became available, and I leaped at the chance and have never looked back. I am also the PHC Champion for our practices, which means I am responsible for all of the clients on the plans and write any training sheets needed to assist other members of staff in this role. I am also the Purina Nutrition Champion, which adds to my responsibilities, so there is never a dull moment for me. Since starting at the clinic, I've passed the bronze, silver, and now gold levels of the BVRA accreditation, allowing me to become an RVR in April 2022. Courses are my middle name, and I'm always looking for ways to increase my knowledge and care; I've also recently obtained my ISFM to work as a cat-friendly receptionist. Customer service is really crucial to me in my job, as are enormous doggy and cat cuddles! It's also been noted that I'm definitely part of the Glaven veterinary furniture and fixtures, and it's wonderful to witness all the animals grow up from puppies to old age. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time at home with my husband, children and granddaughter. My major pastime is learning to do gel nails as a backup plan for when I retire in the future, particularly over coffee or drinks with friends. Padme, my sweet kitty friend, loves to assist me when I dig out my nail kit, and she manages to coat herself and the house in glitter!
New council members coming soon!