Associate Veterinary Receptionist

The BVRA’s Associate Veterinary Receptionist status is the recognised industry standard and a sign of ongoing commitment and quality.

The register of Associate Veterinary Receptionists is maintained by the BVRA. As a BVRA Associate Member you will remain affiliated with the official veterinary body for veterinary receptionists and will be able to use the post nominals AVR (Associate Veterinary Receptionist).

You must be an active BVRA member to be eligible to become an Associate Veterinary Receptionist or maintain your registration.

Benefits of being a BVRA Associate Member


Acknowledgement that you have received relevant BVRA accredited training and passed assessment​.


Certificate and AVR badge recognising your status as a BVRA Associate Member.


Ability to use the post-nominals ‘AVR’ after your name.


Access to ​the most up to date and relevant CPD only available to AVR holders.

News and Legislation Updates

AVR holders will receive early access to BVRA news and any relevant legislation updates.

Further Discounts

Further discounts off all BVRA Congress and events tickets.

Search Associate Veterinary Receptionist Register

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Purchase your AVR Status Online

You can purchase your AVR status using the links below. Please read more your required service for further information.

How do I become a BVRA Associate Member or renew my existing RVR status?

How to become an AVR.

The main route to become an AVR, is to successfully complete the iPET Network Level 3 Certificate for Veterinary Receptionists (BVRA). On successful completion of this qualification, learners will automatically be registered as a BVRA Associate Member for one year free of charge.

There are alternative routes to become an AVR which are outlined below:

  • You can complete the BVRA Foundation course PLUS the Intermediate course. (The Intermediate course comprises three core Units from the iPET Network Level 3 Certificate for Veterinary Receptionists (BVRA) qualification). On completion of the Foundation course and the Intermediate course, you will also be required to complete three case studies to be eligible to become an AVR. Instructions for the case studies are available within the AVR registration, once purchased.
    *Please note that this route will not give you the Level 3 qualification*
  • If you have already completed the Intermediate course, you can upgrade this to the iPET Network Level 3 Certificate for Veterinary Receptionists (BVRA) within two years of completion of the Intermediate course. If this route applies to you, please contact us on

If you are unsure which route is appropriate for you, please contact us on

For further information please click here or contact us directly at

Renewing your existing RVR status

  • For existing RVR’s you will automatically be transferred to BVRA Associate Membership and your status will be updated to AVR.
  • On renewal you will receive an updated AVR badge and certificate.
To maintain your AVR status you must;
  • Complete set hours of CPD per annum (provided by BVRA).
  • Complete 3 case logs.
  • Pay the renewal fee.
  • AVR Status is active for one year.

For further information please click here or contact us directly at