Associate Veterinary Receptionist

The Associate Veterinary Receptionist (AVR) status is an industry standard recognition of quality and ongoing commitment to the role.

It demonstrates you have successfully navigated the relevant BVRA accredited training and are maintaining an ongoing commitment to CPD and current professional and industry developments.

The searchable register of AVRs is maintained by the BVRA and successful candidates use the post nominals AVR (Associate Veterinary Receptionist).

All AVRs must also be BVRA members and both memberships need to be renewed annually.

Benefits of being a BVRA Associate Member

Public & Peer Recognition

You receive a certificate, which can be publicly displayed in your practice, plus an AVR badge, to highlight your status as a BVRA Associate Veterinary Receptionist (AVR).

Post Nominals

You may use the post-nominals ‘AVR’. You are also added to the searchable AVR database.

Additional CPD

Access to specialised and AVR relevant training, in addition to the existing courses which form part of the BVRA membership.

Additonal Discounts

AVR’s are entitled to further discounts on eligible courses and events, including the annual BVRA congress. (This could potentially more than cover the cost of AVR membership)

Newsletter and Updates

In addition to the regular BVRA newsletters, AVR holders will also receive targeted newsletters plus bulletins with any relevant updates, such as new legislation

BVRA Council

AVR’s also have the opportunity to apply to join the BVRA council.

Search Associate Veterinary Receptionist Register

Search for a member of the Associate Veterinary Receptionist register​ below using their name or membership number:

Purchase your AVR Status Online

You can purchase your AVR status using the “read more” link below. 

How do I become an AVR?

The are two main routes to becoming an AVR.

Qualification Route

Enrol and complete the iPET Network Level 3 Certificate for Veterinary Receptionists (BVRA). On successful completion of this OFQUAL regulated level 3 qualification, learners will automatically be registered as a BVRA Associate Veterinary Receptionist (AVR) for one year, free of charge. To maintain this AVR status members will need to renew their BVRA and AVR memberships in the usual way.

Non-qualification Route

Enrol and complete the BVRA Foundation course and the BVRA Intermediate course. (The Intermediate course comprises three core Units from the (iPET Network Level 3 Certificate for Veterinary Receptionists (BVRA) qualification). On successful completion of both courses, you may apply to become an AVR by paying the annual fee, providing evidence of ongoing CPD, and submitting three case studies, which must also pass assessment. Instructions for the case studies are available within the AVR registration, once purchased.

(This non-qualification route will not give you the OFQUAL regulated Level 3 qualification but if you have already completed the Intermediate course, you can upgrade this to the iPET Network Level 3 Certificate for Veterinary Receptionists (BVRA) within two years of completion of the Intermediate course. If this route applies to you, please contact us at

If you are unsure which route is appropriate for you, please contact us at

Please note any existing RVRs were automatically transferred to the new AVR status in 2023 and will need to renew their AVR status in the usual way once the annual membership is due.

For further information please contact us at