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I have recently started my job as Veterinary Receptionist, and the Foundation Course has helped me understand my role, and parts of my job I was not aware of, this has been a HUGE HELP!


The Foundation Course was a really great, reader friendly, informative course that covered all of bases needed to become an excellent veterinary receptionist. I especially like the reflective questions; as this meant that the information could be applied to individual practice procedures, rather than on a generalised basis.


BVRA Foundation Course. I feel like this course covered everything I would be interested in knowing more about. Very wide variety of topics covered. I have recommended this course to all of my fellow receptionists and found this very useful and informative. I have been able to put this into practice straight away and I already know a lot more because of this.

Danni R

Dogs Trust -Dog Behaviour for Veterinary Receptionists. As an employee with no previous experience with dogs and having never owned one I found this course extremely helpful especially in my role as receptionist. It has helped me recognise certain dog behaviours that I feel are essential for my day to day role.


The BVRA Foundation Course is an excellent informative and relevant course for my role as receptionist. Some of the content was knowledge and experience already gained practically and from team members, however there were some very interesting and valuable topics that have added to my knowledge and understanding. Loads of notes have been made so I can refer back to consolidate and embed my learning. The areas I learnt the most and enjoyed the most were 1) Prescribing – learning what the abbreviations stand for and what to look for on a medication package 2) Clinical Abbreviations and what these mean. These are regularly seen in notes so to now know what they stand for is very valuable 3) Parasite and vaccinations 4) Dog behaviour – very interesting and looking forward to completing the further module available.  Overall an excellent study module with loads of interesting and relevant information.


Farm Animal Foundation Course – this course was laid out well and informative.

John H

The Foundation Course was very informative and interesting I have definitely learned a lot! I also liked that there were print outs provided so that I can have certain information to hand when needed that will be useful as my role as a veterinary receptionist.

Danielle. T.

The Purina ProPlan nutrition course was very informative and broken down into good chunks of information. Excellent slides to help retain information. Really enjoyed this course.


BVRA Equine Foundation Course – Really enjoyed the information about specific equine emergencies at the end of the course, was really useful. Also good to learn about leadership and team working. What receptionists/office admin can and can’t do. Will help in my job role!


Understanding the People Puzzle.  These are very good short, thought provoking webinars. They contain a lot of information that is relatable for receptionists and the team overall. Provides guidance / explanations on why someone may be behaving in a certain way, which may help in your role when interacting with clients. Useful and enjoyable – very good that what the presenter is saying is also typed – helps meet differing learning styles.

Michaela T

As I am already a BVRA Associate Member (AVR), I felt the Foundation Course was a good introduction to veterinary practice for someone who may be new to the role or someone who has previously worked in veterinary but been out of practice for many years. I don’t think there is anything further that needs to be added to this. Excellent starter course.


I found the Foundation Course very informative and reflective. It refreshed my memory on a lot of topics and made me think of new ways to carry out my role in certain respects as well.


All I can say is how well put together the Foundation Course is. Excellent 🙂 The course is helpful and full of information that is so helpful to all reception staff. There was so much information for me to use even after all the years of working in practice. I can not wait for the next one!


Having completed the previous training courses  I found the Foundation Course very interesting and was a good recap on all things related to reception. Very good to refresh my memory on things you do every day and things not very often. Much more content than the original training and more interesting in the way it was presented. Will definitely recommend all my team to complete. I also love the Veterinary Receptionist Reference Guide. This will definitely be added to our Reception manual!


Glad to finally get our reception team recognised for the hard work they do and to get some relevant training to their role.

Practice Manager

Honestly I am such an advocate for dog behaviour that seeing this course filled me with so much joy especially as a free course.

I really liked the fact it was partnered with Dogs Trust and was more in depth than I was expecting. Most general behaviour courses do the very basic where as this course helped build some knowledge on top of all that too. I was very impressed.

Knowing that this course has been offered free I am very impressed and grateful for it.


BVRA is really changing my life and giving me a focus on my career, just wanted to say thank you for organising the training and emphasis on receptionists, I really appreciate it!

Veterinary Receptionist

Foundation Course – Small Animal. “This course was packed with information and covered a wide range of small animal topics – all relevant to the job and giving a wider knowledge base.”


I found the Foundation course both informative and interesting, although quite lengthy, it was broken down to ensure focus was not lost. Everyday is a school day and there is always something new to take away that will help in daily life and practice efficiency, which hopefully benefits the client and the pet.


Equine Foundation Course: Very informative and important information, I think all equine receptionists should take advantage of this specific course that is useful, as most other training is adapted from small animal based information.


The BVRA Foundation course is a very informative course that covers all bases needed to become an excellent veterinary receptionist. I have learnt a lot. The course has helped me understand my role and all things related to reception.


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