BVRA collaboration with the International Cat Care


We are delighted to announce our recent collaboration with the International Cat Care (ICC).

ICC have kindly created a course exclusively for BVRA members titled ‘How to become a Cat Friendly Veterinary Receptionist’.

‘A visit to the veterinary clinic can be very stressful for cats and their caregivers. Travel, and the unusual sights, sounds and smells of the veterinary clinic are all stressors for cats which can not only lead to their distress, but also creates challenges for the veterinary team interacting with them. In this short course we introduce you to the charity International Cat Care and look at how you can access their useful resources to not only learn more about cats yourself, but also provide caregivers with helpful information on all things feline. We will also look at what you can do when booking appointments and simple changes to your waiting room to make the clinic visit a much better experience for all.’

This course is now available to all BVRA members which we hope you will enjoy!

The ICC will also be speaking at the BVRA Congress on the 29th September, further details can be found on our Events page.

For further information about the ICC please visit their website:

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