BVRA works with Paragon Referrals to launch the BVRA Foundation Course in Referral Practice


 A new course designed for client care teams in referral hospitals has been launched by the British Veterinary Receptionist Association (BVRA) following close consultation with Paragon Veterinary Referrals and Linnaeus.

Linnaeus and the BVRA have been working together for the last four years. The Foundation Course for referral centres, which was developed over six months, is now available to all BVRA members through the BVRA portal.

The course covers all areas relevant to the daily receptionist role, including supporting the clinical team and learning about the operational side of the practice, and includes sections of real-life scenarios.

It is completed over five modules, totalling between 5-10 hours worth of CPD, which cover: The veterinary profession; Communication skills and effective working; People skills and team working; Practice Operations; Supporting clinical care.

Importantly, it has been provided in response to previous receptionist feedback, discussion and requested topics. It is essential for both new and experienced veterinary receptionists.

Zoe Dobson, client care team leader at Linnaeus-owned Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Yorkshire, said: “We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the BVRA and helping with the improvements on the foundation course.

“We are always keen for our client care team to develop their skills and knowledge and to be aligned with the BVRA’s mission to support and raise the profile of veterinary receptionists.”

Debra Scuffham, hospital manager at Paragon, also worked onsite with Kay Watson-Bray, BVRA CEO, and Jamie Kiem, BVRA Senior Vice President, to develop the training.

Debra said: “The main benefits of the new foundation course is the overall focus on communication skills and team working not only with our clients but the wider hospital.”

Kay said: “It’s been very exciting, and rewarding, working with Paragon Veterinary Referrals and Linnaeus, to support professional development for client care, and a special thanks goes to Zoe Dobson, Helena O’Connor and Debra Scuffham for their amazing input.

“The new, and first, foundation course specifically for referral hospital client care teams is an important step as we continue to support the role of veterinary receptionists through training, education and development.”

For more information on Paragon Veterinary Referrals, visit or search for Paragon Veterinary Referrals on social media, while for the BVRA visit or contact them on

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