New RCVS Knowledge ‘Quality Improvement in a day’


New ‘Quality Improvement in a day’ event offers teams a fast-tracked course to enhance patient care, team culture and communication

“In human healthcare, Quality Improvement is well-established. There is ample evidence for its benefits” said Ashley Doorly, Head of Quality Improvement at RCVS Knowledge, “And while that is great, there are nuances. You cannot copy and paste this directly into veterinary practice.

“For the first time, we are offering a one-day, in person, peer-to-peer course, for everyone in the team to learn the need-to-know practical Quality Improvement information in a fun and interactive way. You do not need to be a practice manager or director. This is for everyone, no matter which species you treat, no matter what role you have, and it will help with Practice Standards requirements too.”

RCVS Knowledge is delighted to announce their Quality Improvement (QI) event on Thursday 7th December running from 9am to 5.30pm at Pride Veterinary Referrals in Derby.

Delivering eight hours of continuing professional development (CPD), this highly interactive event features sessions by expert Clinical Leads, Pam Mosedale, Helen Silver-MacMahon, and Lou Northway.

“At RCVS Knowledge we have dedicated the last six years to refining Quality Improvement methods and working with veterinary teams to help improve their ways of working and their patient outcomes,” continued Ashley.

The event will provide practical ‘how-to’ steps, allowing you to look at how you can measure and improve outcomes and care, embed new systems to improve patient safety, and learn from everything that happens in your practice. Interactive sessions will look at the root causes of problems and demonstrate how to learn from successes, as well as when things go wrong.

You will be able to take your learning to the next level, with a follow up virtual workshop, to assist with individual projects and steer them in the right direction.

The event is open to all members of the practice team– including practice managers, vets, nurses, client care teams and clinical directors. We invite you to bring the whole team along.

Tickets for the one-day event cost £160 and are on sale now. There are only 40 tickets available for this course, which is expected to be very popular, so don’t delay. Book your space today at

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