BVRA Congress 2022 – Council Overview


Following on from the success of BVRA’s 4th annual congress, BVRA Council members, Kayleigh, Danielle, Lou & Abbie share their experiences.

We all felt so honoured to meet so many of you at congress, and we are so grateful for you all attending.

What happens at congress?

Lou: There are different exhibitors to visit, and a variety of speakers, which this year included, Petplan, Royal Canin, StreetVet and Colourful CPD. Every day is unique, and to keep us going, delicious food and beverages are provided through the day!  Congress is a great chance to mingle, have fun, and support the celebration of the Veterinary Receptionist of the Year with the evening dinner, and loosen up for some old-fashioned dancing!

Why is it valuable for you and your team to attend congress?

Kayleigh: The knowledge and bonds we develop are like no other. To be able to communicate with like-minded veterinary receptionists and share your experiences is such a big part of congress. Speaking to the exhibitors, gaining information to take back to your practices, and participating in the lectures, all of which help support you within your role.

Danielle: I find BVRA congress invaluable as a veterinary receptionist whose role within the industry is forever changing. Not only do the lectures provide amazing CPD with lots of take-home messages, but it’s also fulfilling speaking to other veterinary receptionists about their time in practice.


Would you recommend going next year?

Abbie: Everyone I speak to I am encouraging to go to congress next year, it is so beneficial and there is so much to gain from attending. Not only are the talks and exhibitors so informative as they are tailored specifically to help us receptionists, but it is also a great space for likeminded people in the same industry to meet and most of all have fun! Plus, not to mention there are some great giveaways and plenty of snacks to keep us going!

Lou: 100% yes. Gaining knowledge, information, and assistance is valuable. You are just as crucial to the practise as the vets and nurses!

Danielle: Absolutely! 2022 was my second year at congress and it was somehow bigger and better than 2021! I can’t wait to see more/different exhibitors and speak to more amazing vet receptionists about their role in practice and experiences they’ve had.

Kayleigh: Definitely! There is an amazing community feel at congress, everyone gets on, and it doesn’t matter if you come alone!  It is a place to build relationships, gain knowledge, and most importantly, have fun!

What is your main take home message from congress this year?

Kayleigh: My main take home would be that we are all seeing the same increased demand and going through the same rollercoasters of emotions. It was so nice and reassuring to be able to discuss the current feelings surrounding veterinary receptionists across the country with so many different delegates. I feel that together veterinary receptionists are beginning to feel more respected by the public and their colleagues.

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